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The Outdoor Kangaroo Jumper

Jumping Pillows LLC has been very successful promoting the Kangaroo Jumper to Campgrounds, RV Parks, Motels, Cornmaze, Day Camps, Resorts, Family Entertainment Centers, Schools and Kindergartens. They provide safe fitness activity for kids and adults without the hazards normally associated with trampolines, jumping castles and some other traditional playground equipment. They are also suitable for fitness activity in amusement parks, resorts, sport clubs etc. They are available in 7 standard sizes or can be customized to suit your requirements and we now produce the 'Indoor Kangaroo Jumper.


The development of the Kangaroo Jumper by Jumping Pillows LLC. has come about after 9 years of manufacturing, distributing and installing theThe Jumping Pillow throughout the USA, It is an engineered product with specific engineered components. Over those years several companies started in competition to Jumping Pillows LLC. and over a period of time failed. Competition continues today and we invite you to compare cost, quality safety and installation methods and experience. Should you be comparing products then for your peace of mind and your clients safety, you should read our comments on the subject. Clink Here.
The Kangaroo Jumper material has superior properties to any other product in the world and our installation experience, knowledge of the varying UV zones, knowledge of varying sub-terainian conditions and knowledge of varying State Regulations in the USA is unmatched.

The Kangaroo Jumper is not infallible but has an enviable safety record. Testimony to this is its acceptance by the USA Military for use in playgrounds on US Military Bases within the USA and Overseas. The Kangaroo Jumper is also Lead and Latex free and Allergy Safe!
Why is the Kangaroo Jumper Safe?
The Kangaroo Jumper has additional safety features not found in any competitor product manufactured here or overseas, we have also adopted additional safety suggestions made by specialist hospitality insurance companies here in the USA. We're BIG on safety and continued development of safety features.
The Kangaroo Jumper is so powerful as an attraction, it will impact on your season in a big way. Families almost always ask at the time of booking "you have a Kangaroo Jumper - right?" the kids are demanding it and why not! USA clients who are advertising the 'Kangaroo Jumper is coming' or 'Has arrived' on their websites are all reporting extra bookings because of it! More than 800 installations in the USA have been completed with ALL clients reporting that they can't get the smile off the faces of the kids and they can't get the kids off the Jumper
Check some testimonials!
I'm sitting on the deck of my beachhouse villa, the temperture is 90F under a clear sunny sky, the beach is pristine with it's white fine sand and a gental 3' wave curling to the shore but where are the Kids? They're are all Jumping! (true story). All day they are Jumping, getting fit and having a blast!
Mum and Dad get some time together and the kids sleep very well at night!
Quote:"At our park you see it all the time! The family pull up and Mom & Dad walk to the reception but the kids are running in the opposite direction - straight to the Kangaroo Jumper"
Quote: "We just had to install a second one so now we have a smaller one just for the toddlers - when we made that decision the first pillow had paid for itself in extra bookings alone!"

The first Jumping Pillow installation in the USA took place at the Charlotte/Fort Mill KOA in June 2005. John and Sheila Trigg (owners) saw the Jumping Pillow in Australia and instantly recognized the enormous potential and benefits to their own Campground operation. The Campground takes extra bookings because of the jumping pillow. It started to pay for itself even before it was installed.
"The best idea we brought home with us after visiting Australian campgrounds in 2004 was the Jumping Pillow. It practically makes playground equipment obsolete! Even adults love it!" John & Sheila Trigg

Other KOA and Independant Campgrounds have installed the Kangaroo Jumper and ALL are reporting delightful results. Our first installation in a Cornmaze operation (where the users pay $3/day to use it) resulted in the Jumping Pillow paying for itself in their first season! (6 weeks)


Jumping Pillows LLC has teamed with Clear View Financial and can offer clients a most competitive finance deal on any of our products. With a number of loan payment options available and monthly payments starting at $211/month, Clearview can tailor a plan to suit your individual needs. Many of our clients have used Clearview Financial and all have been delighted with their financial plan.

Please visit the Prices and Sizes page to view the payment amounts.
You can view information on the Payment plans here!



The Outdoor Kangaroo Jumper is a permanent installation, the installation takes one day sometimes two if trenching is difficult because of rock etc. Installation is carried out by trained Jumping Pillows LLC installers or you can Self Install using our Installation Instruction Manual. When used and managed correctly the pillow will give you many years of safe operation. The client is responsible for the preparation (excavation) of the site and the provision of a permanent power point (single phase) for the blower and Pea Gravel or Sand for the surround, or a turnkey quotation is available if desired. The underground components of the product are designed to last long term so that replacement of the canvas in the future is a less expensive procedure.

 There is only ONE 'Kangaroo Jumper' - Find out why?


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